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About us

Established in 2009, Wenan Yessential Environmental equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in deep-processing of plastic sheet.We are located in Wen’an county, Hebei province, where is about 100 KM away from Beijing and Tianjin. To serve customers more efficiently, we established agent in Beijing city.

Our products include laboratory equipments (PP chemical reagent cabinet, PP fume hoods, PP laboratory countertops, etc.), plastic tank, plastic bath, electroplating equipments, anti-corrosion ventilation system, waste gas treatment facilities, and other non-standard industrial equipments and parts.

With stable quality, reasonable price and attentive service, we gained trust and praise from our customers. Now we have built long term relationship with over 200 customers from mainland and abroad.

We welcome customers everywhere of the world to contact us for cooperation and visit our factory.



Contact: Will Lee

Phone: 13811964595

Tel: 0316-7980958(业务洽谈请拨打手机)

Email: will@yxc2009.com

Add: Ligezhuang Village,Zhaogezhuang town,Wen’an County,Langfang City,Hebei Province